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4 ways to outsmart car thieves

Most of the stolen vehicles are intended for dismantling and spare part trade, especially if you own a brand new car. This makes recovery of the stolen property nearly impossible. Illegal actions have finished only few hours after the theft, all proof are scattered around the city, state or even country. Reasons for this is simple – original parts have high prices, but not all consumers have financial ability to purchase them, this leaves space for black market. If there would be no demand for original prices at a reduced price, the car theft volume would plummet immediately.

However, once the wealth of an average American has not reached the level of Swiss one and allowed to afford buying original parts right from the authorized dealers, below are 4 steps to save your property against vehicle theft.

Step 1: get an additional security system

Each year brings advancement in automobile security solutions and new vehicles leave factory with better anti-theft systems installed on them than ever before. Unfortunately these systems have a massive weakness – they are series production. Thieves, who specialize in specific marks and models, gain expertise how to successfully bypass the factory system settings. So, to get an edge over professionals like these, auto experts advise to equip your vehicle with an aftermarket safety system. Additional obstacles will make the potential thief puzzled, he will need more time and effort to successfully steal your car. If your car doesn’t have a factory alarm, install one. It’s not the best way to deter a professional thief but surely is a good warning for anyone willing to steal your vehicle that it won’t be an easy mark.

Step 2: parked wisely

The best place to leave the vehicle unattended is a garage. Ideally, if someone keeps an eye on it once in a while, like it is in a guarded parking lot. When parking somewhere on public, seek for a place with good lighting and preferably crowded with people. Thieves love dark and quiet places where they are out of public’s sight, where there are no video surveillance cameras or animals nearby.

Step 3: don’t challenge the thief

Don’t leave costly things in the cabin visible from outside – items include bags, purses, gifts, shopping bags, electronics (laptops, tablets, phones, chargers, navigation systems) and money. Any of these valuable items may become an additional incentive for the thief to steal exactly your vehicle. Following the same rule, also don’t leave important documents while you are gone as they can be later used against you.

Step 4: don’t leave the vehicle unattended with its engine running

This clearly understandable advice certainly brings a wide smile to many drivers’ faces. However, many have been in a situation when we leave our cars with the engine running to open gates, get something needed out of the trunk or quickly grab a morning coffee at a gas station. Most often it happens in winter as the drivers are reluctant to switching the engine off in fear that there will be issues to turn it back on. Carelessness and negligence like this is frequently used by thieves. It’s worth to remember that major insurance companies will refuse any insurance claim payout if you won’t be able to show both sets of vehicle keys if your vehicle gets stolen.

That’s not all, folks!

If your car costs hundreds of thousands, perhaps it’s an excellent idea to install a GPS tracking system which will help to locate the car in case it’s stolen. Police then will be able to retrieve it before it is split in spare parts. GPS monitoring system displays information not only about the location, but also sends alert massages to the owner upon various circumstances, for example, vehicle’s alarm is activated or vehicle is being loaded on tow. Above all, get a comprehensive insurance policy as any technical safety system can be hacked or bypassed at some point.