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Why is it important to sit at the wheel correctly?

A properly adjusted headrest, seat height, its distance from the steering wheel and comfortable hand position – all this affects the safety of car driving.


The driver’s seat must be adjusted in a manner that there is good sight over the hood, driver must be able to see at least 4 meters ahead of the car. In the same time the driver’s head may not be located too close to the roof – the minimum recommended distance is 7 inches. Seat height is among factors that have a major impact on driving safety; if the seat is too low, visibility is limited, but if it is too high, there is a greater risk of injury in case of emergency.


The distance between the driver’s seat to the steering wheel should be determined by the ability to press the clutch pedal as it is the farthest point that needs to be accessed while driving a car. Pedal correctly is pressed with the whole foot, not just the toes. In addition, the knee should be slightly bent. The seat back must be tilted back at an angle to the driver so the wrist could touch the clock reading 12 (image that the steering wheel is a clock face), removing the back of the backrest. Such set up seat ensures optimal safety and convenience. In case the seat is too far, pushing forward is difficult, and free to run the corner. In addition, the driver’s leg may come into contact with the steering wheel when releasing the pedal, making the drive even more embarrassing various experts claim.


The steering wheel should be held with both hands clockwise 9 and 3 positions, namely, power horizontal diameter ends. Hands should not be above the shoulder level, because such position will result in faster fatigue and difficult maneuvering.

Upper body

Another important safety factor is the headrest regulation. Center head restraint must be in the same level as the back of the head. In case of collision, human body is first pushed forward, following a rough hit back. Hence, headrest is the feature designed to keep your head, neck and back protected.

Other security features such as mirrors and seat belts should be adjusted only after proper adjustment of the driver’s seat.