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Time to clean your car has come

First month of the spring April for a typical driver associates with the tire replacement, but Statoil Fuel & Retail experts recommend also full vehicle cleaning as the weather has improved significantly. Mud, snow and salt have left traces no only on the car but inside it as well. Regular care of the car provides not only satisfaction to yourself, but also pays off financially in the long run or if you’re planning to sell it this year. Car’s visual appearance affects both your well-being and it’s value in the eyes of others. Find below 8 tips from Statoil Fuel & Retail experts to make your car look better than ever before!

  1. Start with the inside. Use a vacuum and wet wipes to clean all of dirt, dust, sand and salt residues that have accumulated throughout the winter. Clean parts in a right order – from the top (ceilings, front panel) to the bottom (mats).
  1. Wash the bottom of the car – washing the chassis is essential step not only in winter, but also in the spring. Particular attention should be paid to the wheel arches, door bottoms and other body parts where dirt usually collect.
  1. If the car is very dirty then before washing it, apply dirt dissolving agents – spray them on the dirtiest spots and allow to soak in for around 5-10 minutes. If you go for an automatic washing, simply choose a program that includes pre-washing.
  1. Check on the car headlights cleanliness and make sure they are set correctly. Clean headlights provide good visibility and safe movement during the dark time of the days. When cleaning the vehicle interior, make sure that you don’t accidentally change the headlight positioning.
  2. Don’t spare money on body waxing products. Wax layer will protect the paint job against the negative impact of the environment and will allow car to look more fresh.
  1. Change your windshield wipers – most likely they are worn out after the winter season, but new blades will require less window washing fluid to get the screen clean and transparent which will enhance a safer driving.
  1. Avoid places offering car wash by hand. The amount of water when you clean yourself (or hire anyone else who offers to do it by hand) is often insufficient. This results in increased friction between the pad and the body, that can possibly result in the paintwork damage. In contrast, there is always enough water between the brushes and the auto body in an automated car wash, meaning less friction and less risk in ruining the paint.
  1. Wash the car at least once a month, if you’re using it daily. Do not wait, until the car gets super dirty cause it can adversely affect the paint layer and encourage development of rust.

Monstrous crash

Last weekend a Corvette was crushed in Phoenix, Arizona.

This would be nothing noteworthy if it wasn’t the Hinson Motorsports limited edition Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with 1400 horsepower under the hood with a maximum speed of over 300 miles per hour.

Thank God after the massive collision the driver himself was able to get out of the car and stand on both of his feet. He was safe and sound, had just a few bruises. Tuning studio representative, when asked to comment about the incident replied this: This is why safety is our top priority when we transform and rebuild the cars.

It seems, however, luck played a significant role in this accident, too!

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

As car of May 2016 we have chosen this 1986 Stingray. Couple of snapshots below:

1986 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

As Car of the April 2016 we have chosen this 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible: C4 generation was ahead of its time with a digital display (made out of liquid crystals – an unimaginable luxury) showing the driving speed, RPM and other important variables. Exterior is rather eccentric, but has an ultra low air resistance and for a muscle car – excellent handling. See the gallery below: