Hennessey Z700: A 1,000 HP Corvette

There will always be people with a belief that some extra horsepower comes only in favor for the car. Such folks will enjoy the product brought to us by Hennessey Performance Engineering studio, this time they have come up with an ultra-concept looking Z700. Photos show that it’s designed on Corvette ZR-1 base. We have information that there will be only 24 copies of Z700 sold worldwide, which makes this model quite exclusive.

Initial tuning program made it possible to increase the number of horsepower from 638 hp to 705 hp at 6400 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour is achieved in 2.9 seconds that is half a second faster that for the street version of this vehicle – ZR1.

If it’s not good enough for you, technicians at Hennessey are ready to offer Z700 versions with 775hp or even 1000 hp power. Of course, for such a vehicle not only the engine is upgraded, but all the nifty gritty components are replaced with alternatives that weight less and are more durable. This is not only to improve the car’s performance abilities, but also to meet the highest safety measures.

Hennessey version of Corvette ZR1 starting price is a little over 200 thousand dollars. Yes, Z700 is two times more expensive than the fullest version of ZR1 and costs four times more than the Corvette Coupe V8. But, you have to be ready to spend money for a performance like this, don’t you?