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Why is it important to sit at the wheel correctly?

A properly adjusted headrest, seat height, its distance from the steering wheel and comfortable hand position – all this affects the safety of car driving.


The driver’s seat must be adjusted in a manner that there is good sight over the hood, driver must be able to see at least 4 meters ahead of the car. In the same time the driver’s head may not be located too close to the roof – the minimum recommended distance is 7 inches. Seat height is among factors that have a major impact on driving safety; if the seat is too low, visibility is limited, but if it is too high, there is a greater risk of injury in case of emergency.


The distance between the driver’s seat to the steering wheel should be determined by the ability to press the clutch pedal as it is the farthest point that needs to be accessed while driving a car. Pedal correctly is pressed with the whole foot, not just the toes. In addition, the knee should be slightly bent. The seat back must be tilted back at an angle to the driver so the wrist could touch the clock reading 12 (image that the steering wheel is a clock face), removing the back of the backrest. Such set up seat ensures optimal safety and convenience. In case the seat is too far, pushing forward is difficult, and free to run the corner. In addition, the driver’s leg may come into contact with the steering wheel when releasing the pedal, making the drive even more embarrassing various experts claim.


The steering wheel should be held with both hands clockwise 9 and 3 positions, namely, power horizontal diameter ends. Hands should not be above the shoulder level, because such position will result in faster fatigue and difficult maneuvering.

Upper body

Another important safety factor is the headrest regulation. Center head restraint must be in the same level as the back of the head. In case of collision, human body is first pushed forward, following a rough hit back. Hence, headrest is the feature designed to keep your head, neck and back protected.

Other security features such as mirrors and seat belts should be adjusted only after proper adjustment of the driver’s seat.

When somebody asks for your help…

Be extremely careful. Or it can end up like it did for these guys, who just wanted to jump-start a car:

4 ways to outsmart car thieves

Most of the stolen vehicles are intended for dismantling and spare part trade, especially if you own a brand new car. This makes recovery of the stolen property nearly impossible. Illegal actions have finished only few hours after the theft, all proof are scattered around the city, state or even country. Reasons for this is simple – original parts have high prices, but not all consumers have financial ability to purchase them, this leaves space for black market. If there would be no demand for original prices at a reduced price, the car theft volume would plummet immediately.

However, once the wealth of an average American has not reached the level of Swiss one and allowed to afford buying original parts right from the authorized dealers, below are 4 steps to save your property against vehicle theft.

Step 1: get an additional security system

Each year brings advancement in automobile security solutions and new vehicles leave factory with better anti-theft systems installed on them than ever before. Unfortunately these systems have a massive weakness – they are series production. Thieves, who specialize in specific marks and models, gain expertise how to successfully bypass the factory system settings. So, to get an edge over professionals like these, auto experts advise to equip your vehicle with an aftermarket safety system. Additional obstacles will make the potential thief puzzled, he will need more time and effort to successfully steal your car. If your car doesn’t have a factory alarm, install one. It’s not the best way to deter a professional thief but surely is a good warning for anyone willing to steal your vehicle that it won’t be an easy mark.

Step 2: parked wisely

The best place to leave the vehicle unattended is a garage. Ideally, if someone keeps an eye on it once in a while, like it is in a guarded parking lot. When parking somewhere on public, seek for a place with good lighting and preferably crowded with people. Thieves love dark and quiet places where they are out of public’s sight, where there are no video surveillance cameras or animals nearby.

Step 3: don’t challenge the thief

Don’t leave costly things in the cabin visible from outside – items include bags, purses, gifts, shopping bags, electronics (laptops, tablets, phones, chargers, navigation systems) and money. Any of these valuable items may become an additional incentive for the thief to steal exactly your vehicle. Following the same rule, also don’t leave important documents while you are gone as they can be later used against you.

Step 4: don’t leave the vehicle unattended with its engine running

This clearly understandable advice certainly brings a wide smile to many drivers’ faces. However, many have been in a situation when we leave our cars with the engine running to open gates, get something needed out of the trunk or quickly grab a morning coffee at a gas station. Most often it happens in winter as the drivers are reluctant to switching the engine off in fear that there will be issues to turn it back on. Carelessness and negligence like this is frequently used by thieves. It’s worth to remember that major insurance companies will refuse any insurance claim payout if you won’t be able to show both sets of vehicle keys if your vehicle gets stolen.

That’s not all, folks!

If your car costs hundreds of thousands, perhaps it’s an excellent idea to install a GPS tracking system which will help to locate the car in case it’s stolen. Police then will be able to retrieve it before it is split in spare parts. GPS monitoring system displays information not only about the location, but also sends alert massages to the owner upon various circumstances, for example, vehicle’s alarm is activated or vehicle is being loaded on tow. Above all, get a comprehensive insurance policy as any technical safety system can be hacked or bypassed at some point.

Dent Repair Now Easier Than Ever

Paintless dent repair technique has radically changed the cost and ease with which automobile dents, hail damage, door dings and other relatively small car body flaws can be repaired across the whole state – from Arizona to Wyoming. There’s a chance that you have heard that paintless dent repair job in Phoenix costs somewhere around 30-35% of what a typical panel beating costs at a dealership service, but what about the outcome? Is it good enough or even better?

How paintless dent repair is performed?

Performing a PDR requires an impressive finesse on the part of the auto mechanic. But in the hands of an educated and seasoned technicians, like the guys, the outcome is as close as possible to the car’s initial condition. Car’s original paintwork remains untouched and the repair spots from which dings, hail damage or other types of dents are removed are really hard or even impossible to trace.

Appealing price range, huge saving of time and the outstanding results are the three main issues behind paintless dent repair’s prompt popularity growth, leaving the common car dent repair methods such as sanding, filling and repainting practices of the past. Using paintless dent removal technique it’s possible to eliminate even the smallest dings and dents, as well as huge defects cause by excessive hail damage. There are occasions, when individuals want to know whether paintless dent repair can be utilized to fix large dings (on door, bumpers, and hood) or hail damage. The answer is confirming. But there are several disclaimers. First of all, the paint on the damaged car part can’t be ruined or cracked and it should be in fairly decent condition. And, yes, two more condition – the vehicle’s panel can’t have had a major repair previously and the dent can’t be too close to the body edge. BUT the good news are that paintless dent removal works great on both aluminum and steel panels that have door dings, hail damage or any other flaw.

Seeing the results above, please find a short summary of paintless dent removal benefits compared to the traditional panel beating technique:

  • up to 5 times cheaper and up to 10 times faster
  • mobile paintless dent repair service provider can come to your driveway, saving your time and travel expenses
  • is recommended by vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies
  • vehicle original paintwork (believed to be more resistant that any aftermarket product) and body panels are intact
  • keeps the car’s value from plunging (see previous point)
  • environmentally friendly as the amount of paint and related pollutants is kept to a minimum level or not used at all
  • Perfect to remove door dings from other car, shopping trolleys etc., hail damage caused by small-middle sized and large hail stones and other sorts of dents

If you ever get into a situation that your car looks has to be refreshed and various size and shape dents (door dings, hail damage, scratches, and imprints) removed – know that paintless dent repair in Phoenix is there to help you.

Time to clean your car has come

First month of the spring April for a typical driver associates with the tire replacement, but Statoil Fuel & Retail experts recommend also full vehicle cleaning as the weather has improved significantly. Mud, snow and salt have left traces no only on the car but inside it as well. Regular care of the car provides not only satisfaction to yourself, but also pays off financially in the long run or if you’re planning to sell it this year. Car’s visual appearance affects both your well-being and it’s value in the eyes of others. Find below 8 tips from Statoil Fuel & Retail experts to make your car look better than ever before!

  1. Start with the inside. Use a vacuum and wet wipes to clean all of dirt, dust, sand and salt residues that have accumulated throughout the winter. Clean parts in a right order – from the top (ceilings, front panel) to the bottom (mats).
  1. Wash the bottom of the car – washing the chassis is essential step not only in winter, but also in the spring. Particular attention should be paid to the wheel arches, door bottoms and other body parts where dirt usually collect.
  1. If the car is very dirty then before washing it, apply dirt dissolving agents – spray them on the dirtiest spots and allow to soak in for around 5-10 minutes. If you go for an automatic washing, simply choose a program that includes pre-washing.
  1. Check on the car headlights cleanliness and make sure they are set correctly. Clean headlights provide good visibility and safe movement during the dark time of the days. When cleaning the vehicle interior, make sure that you don’t accidentally change the headlight positioning.
  2. Don’t spare money on body waxing products. Wax layer will protect the paint job against the negative impact of the environment and will allow car to look more fresh.
  1. Change your windshield wipers – most likely they are worn out after the winter season, but new blades will require less window washing fluid to get the screen clean and transparent which will enhance a safer driving.
  1. Avoid places offering car wash by hand. The amount of water when you clean yourself (or hire anyone else who offers to do it by hand) is often insufficient. This results in increased friction between the pad and the body, that can possibly result in the paintwork damage. In contrast, there is always enough water between the brushes and the auto body in an automated car wash, meaning less friction and less risk in ruining the paint.
  1. Wash the car at least once a month, if you’re using it daily. Do not wait, until the car gets super dirty cause it can adversely affect the paint layer and encourage development of rust.

Chevrolet history dates back for more than 100 year, how well do you know it? (includes photos)

Let’s talk a bit about the history of Chevrolet, because in November, 2016 the auto producer will celebrate its 105 birthday. Yes, Chevrolet brand exists for more than one hundred years and most likely will last for at least another 100 years!

So, Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded on November 3, 1911. Sports star Louis decides to use the acquired fame to start his own car manufacturing company and sets it up in partnership with Billy Durant which at that time was owner of General Company of New Jersey (that was later transformed into global car conglomerate General Motors). Chevrolet brand had a great success, so great it even surpassed the sales of famous Ford model T in sales volumes.

Unfortunately nowadays most of people doesn’t remember once famous racer Louis, but his company is still well known across the globe. Employees and management takes pride in their company’s roots and strictly stick to its founders principles – build the best cars at the best price.

In honor of the anniversary many charity events will take place: Chevrolet is going to share their joy by presenting 100 new cars to non-governmental SOS children organizations across Europe and the US.

We are truly delighted about the pleasure Chevrolet is giving to its owners across USA and the world. First hundred years have passed and we hope at least 100 years are ahead of this strong brand. But now let’s take a glance at a photo gallery which reveals the development of cars produced under Chevrolet brand. Brightest models, not the most successful ones and what models to expect in the future – all in one place.


Chevrolet Royal Mail Roadster 1914


1928 Chevrolet National Model AB


1936 Chevy Suburban


1948 Chevy 3100 Pickup


Chevrolet Belair Convertible 1955


Chevy Nomad 1955


Chevrolet Bel Air 1957


Impala Super Sport 1963


1967 Chevrolet Pickup


Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe 1969


Chevy Camero SS Pacecar Coupe 1969


Chevrolet Corvette 1963


1988 Chevrolet Camaro


Chevy Corvette ZR-1 1989


Іndy 500 1993 Chevy Camaro Z28 Pace Car


Chevrolet Corvette 1997


Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Special Edition


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition


Corvette as autobahn police car

German Ministry of Transport and tuning company TIKT Performance have taken a standard Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (the same as for Hennessey Z700)model and made it into a true road monster. It has the acceleration and reliability of a German car, handling that of a Japanese one and the looks and blood of a true American muscle car.

This one of a kind Corvette is not the first product of the social campaign TUNE IT! SAFE! (insisting on a safe car tuning). It was just unveiled at the Essen car tuning exhibition; its makers likewise their predecessors boldly expresses that car should be tuned only in a professional way with high quality components and materials, ensuring the best results and utmost safety.

TIKT Performance detailed Corvette from the standard model version differs, first of all, by its appearance: it has a custom made car body panel set, including front and rear bumpers, winded fenders, moldings, 20-inch wheels and, of course, a traditional police car paintjob in flashing light colors. Inside you can find a mounted police communication system.

On the technical side there have not been many changes. Policeman will have to rely on a standard 6.2 liter V8 engine with 466 horsepower, but it’s more than enough to catch up with any law-braking driver. The vehicle can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds thanks to its special seven speed manual transmission.

It may be noted that the seventh generation Corvette Stingray was presented already in 2013. Few weeks later, general public was introduced to its hot modification Z06 as well as C7 R that is intended for maximum adrenaline in race tracks.

Unique Corvette to be auctioned this month

Auction house Barrett-Jackson is selling one of a kind 1963 Chevrolet Corvette – it has been fully restored from scratch and equipped with General Motors Group’s 1,000 horsepower engine.

Vehicle is constructed on 1963 Corvette base that General Motors created as a direct competitor to Italian Ferrari, German Porsche and domestic Ford GT40 at that time.

Middle build in eight cylinder twin turbo engine of 1,000 hp and 1,240 Nm and a four speed manual transmission allows the car to accelerate to 60 mph in less than three seconds which is pretty impressive.

Although the exterior is clearly designed to celebrate the Corvette’s heritage, technically this is a modern car with many advancements, to illustrate: it has an adjustable Penske Racing suspension, Bear brakes with six cylinder calipers, custom design HRE wheels and wide Michelin tires.

Monstrous crash

Last weekend a Corvette was crushed in Phoenix, Arizona.

This would be nothing noteworthy if it wasn’t the Hinson Motorsports limited edition Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with 1400 horsepower under the hood with a maximum speed of over 300 miles per hour.

Thank God after the massive collision the driver himself was able to get out of the car and stand on both of his feet. He was safe and sound, had just a few bruises. Tuning studio representative, when asked to comment about the incident replied this: This is why safety is our top priority when we transform and rebuild the cars.

It seems, however, luck played a significant role in this accident, too!

Advice on selling your car

Want to finally buy the car of your dreams? Great! But before you get the Corvette you have dreamed so long about, it’s a smart move to sell your old car first. So we’ve put a lot of effort here and created this awesome guide to help you!


Before a potential buyer comes to look at your car, you ought to grant your car a flawless look. Accurately understanding the basics of car trading may help you to sell your vehicle with smaller loses or even a nice profit!

  • Clean it very carefully. If it will look good, you’ll be already half way to what the customers want. Use a special car care products, which gives luster to the housing plastic parts and tires.
  • Also, don’t forget about the inside of the car, clean it with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the panels – it is a bare minimum, but you can try to restore the original appearance of the surface by special car care products.
  • Do everything that is in your abilities to get rid of cigarette odors and any evidence of the presence of a dog or other pet that is often transported.
  • If you don’t have time to do the cleaning yourself, get a professional help. Of course, it will cost you something, but it’s totally worth it.
  • Keep your engine clean – steam cleaning should do the work just fine. For second-hand cars, a glittering engine under the bonnet is a very effective marketing trick – although some potential buyers can be suspicious about it. Change the engine oil, so that it is clear when the buyer checks it.
  • It is always worth to get rid of all kinds of car body damage – dings, scratches and dents, especially for used cars up to 3 years old, before selling it off. Damage on the body surface is inevitable for older cars, so if you want to lose less money on the deal, they need to be removed. Paintless dent repair should be the first option to consider – it’s much faster and affordable than other dent removal techniques. And there are people who claim that the obtained results through paintless dent repair are also way better than for a traditional panel beating method – it’s almost impossible to trace the previously damaged spots.
  • Collect all the documents related to car maintenance. If you have receipts for the performed repair and maintenance works, it would be excellent evidence that the car has been well taken care of.
  • Second-hand car market is not as seasonal as in the past, but the fact remains that people will show more interest towards the convertibles before and in the summer, while for off-road cars when the winter approaches.

money and car keys

Selling Channels

There are at least two ways to sell a car, if you think it’s time to get rid of it and get a new one instead. One is a faster than another, but the other one is perhaps more beneficial (meaning you are likely to lose less money on the transaction). Here are the options:

Return the car to the first deposit / exchanged for another

It is the fastest way to get rid of an old car. If a car dealer willing to sell you a new car, he can offer you a pretty good price for your old vehicle, taking it as the first installment. However, you must know that in such cases the price offered by the dealer will be lower than the market value of the particular car. If you think this is not a good option for you, continue reading.

Sell privately

If you choose this approach, you have to understand it will be very time consuming. First of all, you have to insert proper ads, then you have to be ready that the potential buyer can call you any minute. Afterward, you will have to agree on the time and place where the car can be examined. The first step – preparation and distribution of the advertisement is a whole science – from the text to properly taken photos. You can definitely give a shot and use internet as the primary selling channel, for instance, auctions on eBay.

Another quite effective option is to park the car for commission trade – a company dealing with second-hand car trade. This will help you to avoid various risks and pitfalls, for instance, not getting the money for the sold item. Professionals know what to look for and how to correctly conclude a contract. In particular case whole responsibility lies on the vender (for which, of course, he gets a fair commission). There are many such commission traders in United States, you have to just google for one in your area.

How to set a proper price?

If you want to get the maximum price for your car, you must first know how much it actually pays.

For this purpose, you can explore on a used car price search sites to see the price range of your cars model and make, so you would not put a price that is too low or too high.

  • Remember – if your car is in particularly good condition and with low mileage, it is more valuable than most of same model and make cars (it’s simply a proven market statics).
  • Unfortunately, the mileage, which is higher than average, usually means that you’ll have to lower the price if you want to attract potential buyers.
  • Be honest about the condition of the car. If it is a bit scratched or have some other visual defects, you will have to adjust the price if you do not want to scare away the buyers.
  • Special release (special) or limited edition (limited) car is generally more valuable than the same versions of the base model – except of course in cases where base version is stuffed with accessories. Even in this case, you can have to put some effort in finding the right customer!

In case you are a proud owner of a desirable model and are lucky enough, you have all the chances to sell it more expensive. Once again, use the benefits of internet and car price search sites and compare your car with others on the offer.

How to write an advertisement that sells

example of an ad that sells well

When it comes to the text of advertisement, remember, depending on its quality you will either get a plenty of phone calls or, in the contrary, will hear your phone ringing less than you anticipated. It can take you several weeks of waiting to get a single call! To write a good ad, first of all, include all the key information, but in the same time avoid any exaggerations like “car belonged to a priest who used it only Sundays to drive to the church”… Specify the exact model / modification of the name, registration year, mileage, color, number of owners, equipment specifications, as well as whether the car has a full service history. Don’t forget to add photos and your phone number. If you are selling a car in an online auction sites like eBay, there is a possibility to add very long descriptions along with a photo gallery. Although the photo galleries are a huge plus, we don’t recommend expressing yourself in long stories about your car and its history, instead trying to be as focused on the main issues as possible. Less is more so to speak. Being short and focused in what you want to say doesn’t mean using as much as abbreviations as possible – it’s simply too easy for them to line up one after the other, but a large proportion of buyers do not understand what they stand for. The common ones you can use for sure include AC (air conditioning), ABS (anti-lock brake function), ESP (Electronic Stability Control).

How to get paid

If you have managed to find a buyer for your car and time to close the deal, there are a few things to take into account, so that you really get your money. As soon as you reach an agreement with the buyer about a price, ask for a deposit. This way you ensure that a few days later the buyer would not disappear (if he does, you get a compensation at least). Never hand over the car to the buyer before you get paid in full amount. If the money is transferred via wire transfer, always wait for a confirmation that the money has been deposited to your bank account. Only then you should give over the car documents and key. Don’t accept any printouts from the internet about alleged transfers if they do not have a banks stamp proving their legitimacy. However, we suggest waiting until you get the money! Be patient before you jump to buying part or otherwise it will be a more or less expensive lesson.

New car 40% cheaper?!

Before such an important decision as a purchase of a car, there are many questions that must be answered before taking the final step. One of the most important is: what kind of car to buy – new or used? If a year old car costs up to 40% less than a same new one, then quite possibly it would be wise to make a choice in favor of second-hand vehicle.

Budget and price category does not directly point to a specific car segment as it is possible to find a brand new lower class car and a bit used but higher class car (hence, way more better equipped) that cost exactly the same. In order to make the most appropriate decision that fits your needs the best, it’s worth to consider all the arguments for and against.graph showing cars value is going down

The price. Year old premium car with an identical list of extras can cost up to 30% less than a brand new car of the same segment. In addition, for the same amount you can buy a new middle class car. However a slightly used premium class car, most likely, will be a much better tool to confirm your status in society. Moreover, the comfort provided by the premium car segment will dramatically improve the quality of your everyday life.

Car appearance. Given the fact that car model generations change on average every 7-8 years, but the so-called facelift models are updated every 3-4 years, a used car buyer will be an owner of a timely, still in a production car model for a relatively long period of time.

Insurance. Given that a car insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the cars value, then the cost of insurance for slightly used car is about 40% lower. Hence, choosing a used car over a new one generates significant financial savings any person or business will manage to appreciate.

Warranty. One of the main advantages of a new car is warranty. But many buyers oversee a fact that also slightly used cars have an existing warranty if the warranty conditions are not violated. In addition, if you decide on purchasing a second hand car from a reputable auto dealer, to guarantee the quality of product (including it’s perfect appearance), it is possible to get an extra warranty from the seller, to provide an additional guarantee.

Depreciation in value. There is a common belief – as soon as you drive out of a dealership with a brand new vehicle, it loses half of its market value. This assumption is partially correct as the cars value decreases dramatically in the first three years. The highest drop in the price is exactly in the first year.

dashboard showing low mileage

Mileage. Slightly used cars have a low-mileage. Very often these cars have not reached the mark of 3500 miles. Cars like these are considered as practically new ones. However, the buyer can be calm when receives an extra assurance from the seller that it has checked and verified the mileage displayed on the odometer.

Financing. Both financial and operative leasings are available to slightly used cars, just like brand new ones. Of course, if you have enough funds, you can pay for the vehicle in cash or wire transfer, or any other method accepted by the seller.

The residual value. Value of a used car decreases at a much slower pace than a value of a brand new one. There are some occasions when a used vehicle is sold at the same price as it was purchased before. The residual value is not affected by the manufacturer’s selling price, but the demand for a particular make and model in the market.

Guy proves that a Corvette does not drown so fast

You probably know that mainstream drivers usually slow down or look for a ways to bypass flooded areas when there is a heavy rain and the roads are full of water. Yeah, but not this guy. This crazy Corvette driver most likely lives with a strong belief that the accelerator pedal is the best tool to deal with unforeseen traffic conditions… and thinks that his vehicle is something like the yellow submarine of The Beetles.

Hennessey Z700: A 1,000 HP Corvette

There will always be people with a belief that some extra horsepower comes only in favor for the car. Such folks will enjoy the product brought to us by Hennessey Performance Engineering studio, this time they have come up with an ultra-concept looking Z700. Photos show that it’s designed on Corvette ZR-1 base. We have information that there will be only 24 copies of Z700 sold worldwide, which makes this model quite exclusive.

Initial tuning program made it possible to increase the number of horsepower from 638 hp to 705 hp at 6400 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour is achieved in 2.9 seconds that is half a second faster that for the street version of this vehicle – ZR1.

If it’s not good enough for you, technicians at Hennessey are ready to offer Z700 versions with 775hp or even 1000 hp power. Of course, for such a vehicle not only the engine is upgraded, but all the nifty gritty components are replaced with alternatives that weight less and are more durable. This is not only to improve the car’s performance abilities, but also to meet the highest safety measures.

Hennessey version of Corvette ZR1 starting price is a little over 200 thousand dollars. Yes, Z700 is two times more expensive than the fullest version of ZR1 and costs four times more than the Corvette Coupe V8. But, you have to be ready to spend money for a performance like this, don’t you?