Classic Corvette Club is a place where enthusiasts of old school American muscle cars, especially Chevrolet Corvette, meet. We are not the biggest ones, but our passion about cars and everything related to auto world can’t be ignored. You won’t be able to find anyone here, for whom a car is just a mean of transportation to get from one point to another.

History of Chevrolet brand dates back for more than a century, and we are here to save and pass on this legacy to the next generations. Also, we are more than happy to share knowledge and experience within our community, so you’re more than welcome to join!

Community and their member opinions will cover many different car related topics – news on what is currently hot and trending in American auto industry, there will be some flashbacks on history as well as busting of some myth, we are about to share various useful classic (and new, too) car maintenance and repair advise, information and tips about how to obtain a classic of your dreams by participating in auctions and winning them and much, much more.

Upon any queries, please contact us by filling the contact form here. We will respond as soon as possible!